Privacy policy


This site (https://www.) is a new Web site for University announcements operated by University Public Corporation Osaka (hereinafter “This Corporation”). A privacy policy is specified to enable for smooth operation of this site. This site is managed and operated by the Public Relations Division of the Corporation’s Secretariat.

Basic Policy

On this site (https://www.), efforts are made towards appropriate handling related to gathering, using and managing users’ personal information (information through which specific individuals can be identified, such as names and addresses), which is carried out based on “Osaka Prefecture Ordinance on Protection of Personal Information”, so that people can use the site with peace of mind.

Restrictions on the Gathering of Personal Information

Normally, this site is accessed through the Internet, without users having to clarify personal information. However, in cases where users “want to make an inquiry or seek answers,” they may be required to provide personal information on this site, thus resulting in the gathering of personal information. Such provision of personal information is, in principle, based on the user’s own will. Personal information that is provided is restricted to the minimum information necessary for the objective of the user.

Restrictions on the Use and Provision of Personal Information

Personal information provided by users through this site is used only within the scope of gathering such information as clearly expressed beforehand, with the exception of cases where consent is obtained from the user, or where specified by law, etc., and shall not be used for any other purpose or provided to a third party.

Protection of Information Gathered through Encrypted Communication

When gathering information through which an individual is or can be specified, encrypted communication based on SSL is used. As a result, by using a browser that supports these security functions, it is possible for information to be input and sent with an encryption.

Management of Personal Information

Personal information that has been provided is carefully managed by an administrator under the jurisdictional department, and appropriate measures are established to prevent leakage, loss and damage. Personal information in our possession that is no longer needed is certainly and promptly disposed of or erased.

Recording of Web Servers

The access status of this site is recorded in log files. Log files are used only for the purpose of site improvement, investigating unauthorized access, etc. Individuals cannot be identified through log files.


This site uses cookies in order to statistically comprehend browsing status to improve user convenience and the Web site itself, and to enable an optimal site display. Cookies are small data files that are sent from a Web site to the user’s browser, and are used to identify the Web site’s users. This data does not contain information through which individual users can be identified.

*It is possible for a user to block cookies by changing browser settings. Check your browser’s instruction manual for information on how to change browser settings.

Advertisement Distribution Using Cookies

Since This Corporation implements advertisement distribution based on subcontracting to third parties as well as “targeted advertisements”, there are cases where cookie information that has been collected is used. Collected cookie information is not used for any other purpose than the abovementioned.

Google Analytics

Access analysis is conducted for this site using Google Analytics, with the objective of comprehending usage status and improving site contents. Data such as usage status is aggregated anonymously, and information that specifies personal information of users is not obtained. Aggregated information is used only for the abovementioned purpose.
Data that is gathered by Google Analytics through this site is managed based on Google’s privacy policy, and This Corporation does not bear any responsibility for damages resulting from Google Analytics service usage.

Applicable Scope

This privacy policy is applicable only to the scope of this Web site.